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● ALL-NATURAL FORMULA FOR CALMING AND ANXIETY RELIEF: PG FOUR PAWS CALMING CHEWS are a duck flavored soft chew supplement formulated with all natural ingredients. Featuring organic hemp oil, organic hemp protein, organic chamomile, organic passion flower, valerian root, L-tryptophan and organic ginger root.
● MELLOWS & CALMS ANXIETIES DURING STRESSFUL SITUATIONS: Our natural ingredients work together to reduce symptoms of anxiety such as excessive barking, chewing, scratching, licking and salivating. These chewables are a great remedy to compose your pet by encouraging natural comfort and relaxing relief. It’s also great for separation anxiety, loud fireworks noises, thunderstorms, car rides, dog parks and crowded public spaces.
● GREAT TASTING – FUSSY PUP APPROVED: NO WHEAT, CORN, SOY, ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS: It’s our goal to create the best natural supplements that dogs can enjoy. These calming chews have an irresistible natural duck flavor, allowing for easy administering during car trips, fireworks, thunderstorms, groomers, separation anxiety, veterinary visits or any other stressful situation.
● STRESS & ANXIETY FREE: Stress affects your dogs emotional and physical health, long term can lead to heart problems, stomach issues and more. Short term can cause your dog to bite, chew, bark, scratch, run away and or aggressive behaviors. Scared or stressed dogs act out in inappropriate ways. A calm , relaxed dog is less likely to harm themselves or their surroundings. Our Calming Chews will help soothe nerves and stress levels, promote good dog behavior and help create an overall sense of calm
● 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We pride ourselves in making the highest quality products on the market and confidently stand behind them. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not experiencing the benefits you want or simply are not happy with your results, contact us for a Hassle-Free refund or exchange. Experience the Amazing effect of Palmyra Green Calming Chews today. You will be glad you did!!