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A+ Reserve 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in MCT Drops + Whole Plant CBC, CBG, Essences, Flavonoids,...


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● 750mg ORGANIC FULL-SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT – many products being sold contain food grade hemp oil. However ONLY Hemp extract has been and is being researched extensively and proven effective for pain relief. Also look for potency meaning FULL-SPECTRUM not isolate. By using isolate you loose the other active compounds from the plant present as they all work together.
● Colorado Grown Family Owned Specialty Hemp Farm- Birthed from compassion our CO-OP of farmers, extractors, doctors and product manufactures are committed to providing high quality hemp extracts, education, innovation and compassion.
● Individually grown female plants contain NO-SEEDS, are not grown for fiber but rather harvested at peak time by compassionate farmers providing a superior quality Full-Spectrum extract profile not standard industrial hemp see our COA. Rich full spectrum extract, terpenes, flavonoids
● Works naturally with the bodies ECS assisting optimal function and homeostasis
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